Corporate Gifts Vs Promotional Gifts: What are the prime differences - All you need to know about Dri-fit T-shirt printing

In any business, gifts are an exceptional way to extend your gratitude to your clients and employees. Both customized corporate gifts and promotional gifts are popular marketing tools that can help you achieve this goal. In most cases, these terms are used as one, but corporate gifts and promotional gifts serve distinct purposes. In both cases, you are giving gifts, but we can never say that they are identical.

Here in this article, we will try to explain to you the prime differences using 3 major points, which are,

  1. Price

  2. Quality

  3. Purpose

Corporate gifts covey goodwill

Personalized corporate gifts are about sending your good wishes to the recipient, which shows your appreciation. Corporate gifts are given to clients, employees, and prime stakeholders to nurture your business image.


Corporate gifts are usually higher in value and bought in smaller quantities distribute among specific individuals. As corporate gift Singapore are sent to nurture your corporate image, they need a more personal approach and that is why customization is necessary.  


The quality of corporate gifts is always high and mostly includes leather or electronic gadgets. It shows how much the company values the recipients and will never fail to keep them happy.


Corporate gifts are not for all, but given certain clients and employees who have been a part of your business for a long time.

Promotional gifts uplift your brand awareness

The prime objective of promotional gifts is to create brand awareness so that everyone can know about your existence. Promotional gifts are a way to reach as many people as possible and then turn them into potential clients. As it targets a wider audience, smaller customization like the brand logo or tagline will suffice.


Promotional gifts are generally are much less expensive than the corporate gifts as it doesn’t target specific individual, but larger mass.


As the price is low, you cannot expect promotional gifts to have the same quality as the . But of course, that doesn’t mean you can provide low-quality material as it will not meet the purpose.


Promotional gifts are given to promote certain or multiple products launched by the company. It is a way to the world that you exist and ready to provide the best quality product or services.

So both Corporate Gifts Vs Promotional Gifts have their benefits.

Dri-Fit T-shirt printing

T-shirt printing has become quite popular all over the world, so it was never possible for Singapore to stay behind. Go out any time of the day and you will see at least one person on the street who is wearing a customized t-shirt given by a certain company as a promotional gift.

Dri Fit T-shirts mainly consist of polyester and the best part is that the material helps you to stay cool even in hot Singapore summer days. This type of t-shirt is breathable enough, so it helps to absorb and evaporate moisture fast. Apart from being appealing, Dri Fit T-shirts can be customized in different styles, designs, and colors.

Dri Fit T-shirt: Why are they popular?

As mentioned above, the materials in the clothing line are made of polyester and cotton, which are the two most popular T-shirt choices all over the world. Moreover, Dri Fit T-shirts are mostly associated with sports, but over the past few years, Singaporeans are using them for activities. Besides, more fitness freaks are showing up every day on this sunny island, so the trend is not showing any decline in popularity, nor it will in the future.